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Web development

Since 2013 I have been collecting best practices while developing web based solutions and experimenting with a variety of frameworks, libraries and plugins.

Bootstrap, Foundation, FoundationPress, WordPress, npm, Gulp, Framework7, ionic, Umbraco, Laravel, Jekyll, Underscores, Vue.js, Hotjar

Web design

Everysince I first tried Photoshop in 2009, I have been improving my skills on an almost daily basis. First it was the excitement to create abstract art or photomanipulation implementing the Fibonacci sequence in different visual variations. While growing up I have noticed the certain repetitive patterns of websites and I have grown an interest in creating my own designs so I designed my first tumblr site. When my studies began at multimedia design & communication I focused on UI/UX to create intuitive, organic and friendly designs.


Search engine optimization is a very important part of every website. When used properly it will help a larger user base to connect to your services. It is important to gain organic traffic which commonly resolves in conversion.


Every company has a brand which is their visual representation in either colors, shapes, fonts, styles while keeping track of what you want to represent and the message you want to convey.